Workers day celebration in the Philippines
May 1 is international workers' day in many parts of the world and will be a key day for the "Play Fair" campaign in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Netherlands, Sweden and many other countries.

In the Philippines the Workers' Assistance Centre were involved in organising a range of exciting street events. At 6.30am on May 1 the Solidarity of Cavite Workers (SCW) cultural group, the Teatro Magdiwang, set off fireworks and lead chants and songs outside the Cavite Export Processing Zone gate. From there the action moved to the market place of Rosario, Cavite where a street play regarding the "Play
Fair" campaign was performed. There were also marches and speeches in the afternoon as part of the May 1 campaign. Working conditions at Cavite, including repression of trade unions and low wages, were described in detail in Naomi Klein's book "No Logo" and in a recent ICFTU briefing (

On August 10 a large group of faceless activists working at sewing machines on a rooftop in the center of Athens, with the Acropolis as the backdrop, will draw attention to the plight of exploited faceless workers.