Rapallo welcomes tour bikers

During the Olympics campaign in July 2004 ROBA dell'Altro Mondo, one of the ten most important Fair Trade organisation in Italy, organised in accordance with Centro Nuovo Modello di Sviluppo the welcome of the second stage of the tour in our head quarters in Rapallo. There, in the very ancient centre of the town, we have our own World Shop where we hosted all the bikers

We invited two representatives of the local authorities (one from the Municipality of Rapallo and another from the Province of Genoa) in order to involve them in the initiative and expose the terrible work conditions behind the Olympic games. We wanted to make politicians aware of the lack of rules and rights in the sportswear sector. We therefore gave them a copy of the report of the campaign and asked them to support civil society in the struggle to curb corporate power, just starting with their own purchasing choice.
To the two officials and to all the bikers we gave a little bag from ROBA, fair produced, to bring to Athens as a symbol of another way of producing and trading and of fair partnership between consumers and workers. Furthermore we prepared a fair brunch for all the participants, as a symbol of a solidarity way of sharing experiences and products.
Several journalists from newspapers and TV were present, so we obtained good coverage!

Deborah Lucchetti
ROBA dell'Altro Mondo