Indonesian demonstrations against Nike

May 1 is international workers' day in many parts of the world and will be a key day for the "Play Fair" campaign in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Netherlands, Sweden and many other countries. In Indonesia, members of the Indonesian trade union GSBI demonstrated outside of the Jakartan office of Nike.

Action of GSBI in front of Nike Representative Indonesia on May, 21 2004 with demand Refuse of Dismissal in Two Factories which Nike Production. The action is part of Support "Play-Fair" Olympic Campaign
Action demand of GSBI on International Labour Day (MayDay) 2004 Support for "Play-fair Olympic Campaign" In Sudirman Street Central Jakarta Indonesia
Longmarch Action 1500 Mass GSBI on 1th May 2004 Support to "Play-Fair Olympic Campaign" from Sudirman Street to Parlaiment Building Jakarta Indonesia
Delegations of GSBI to meeting with Nike Representative office in BRI II Building Jakarta Indonesia on action of 21th May 2004
Indonesian "Play-Fair" Olympic Campaign poster