Personal experience of a Fair Wear campaigner in Australia

Australian Fair Wear Campaigner Despina Karlsson participated in several events of the Fair Play at the Olympics 2004 campaign. She accounts:

"My most vivid memory is participating in an action in St Leonards in 2004. A protest had been called to deliver letters written by OxFam supporters to the SOCOG offices. A few people turned up, the location was pretty remote, set back even from the main road so we couldn't really even do a banner protest. However, the official we were meant to see was not in this St Leonards office. After some hesitation the receptionist gave us the address of his office in the Chifley tower, one of the most luxurious office spaces in Sydney…

With us were two workers from Thailand who had been brought out on a speaking tour. When we arrived at the Chifley tower, we were met by the personal assistant of the official we were looking for. The lady expressed her sympathy with what we were trying to do, took the letters and promised she would get them to the person they were intended for. Because this senior personal assistant met the two women from Thailand, we have good faith that our protest letters will indeed get where we wanted them to get…

OxFams creativity and willingness to link with other campaigns is a real strength. I truly enjoyed working with the Oxfam people through this campaign!"

Despina Karlsson
Fair Wear Campaigner
Sydney NSW Australia
May 2005

The arrival of the Olympic torch was the starting signal for a 'mass sew-in' taking place in the heart of Sydney.